BMW Driver Gets Gas Pedal Stuck At 100mph On Interstate

Going fast is all fun and games until you aren’t able to stop. Joseph Cooper had this happen when his runaway BMW SUV tore down I-95 in Florida for almost 40 miles. Luckily, he called 911 while authorities made several attempts to stop him. The authorities were able to help control traffic as he barreled down the interstate at 95 mph, according to ABC News.

When dispatch asked if he was able to shift to neutral, he said he had already tried that. Highway Patrol responded to the call but said when they tried to slow down the car using spiked stop sticks it only blew out the right two tires and slowed the car down to 60 mph. After a few more attempts failed they did a PIT maneuver and brought the car to a stop. Somehow, no one was injured and luckily it wasn’t rush hour. What would you do if you were in this situation?

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