Battle of the Ages: ’69 Camaro COPO Vs. ’71 Hemi Cuda

’69 Chevy Camaro COPO Battles ’71 Hemi Cuda | YouTube: Cars and Zebras

When two heavy-hitting classics hit the track, it’s worthy of sharing because most of these cars have driven into the sunset and only make appearances at car shows. These rare muscle cars are usually locked away in a garage and seldom stretch their legs. It’s always nice when they come out of retirement and reignite the battle of superiority between these historic brands.

The video from the Cars and Zebras YouTube channel spends a few minutes walking around the cars to offer us up the specs and get us ready for some straight line fun. Although both cars appear as though they rolled right off the factory floor, looks are deceiving – they both produce a lot more power than they did decades ago.

1971 Hemi Cuda | YouTube: Cars and Zebras

Both the ’69 Chevrolet Camaro COPO and the ’71 Hemi Cuda are the rare types of cars that yield as much respect today as they did when they were first produced. The COPO Camaro is an absolute beast and can hold its own against muscle cars from any era. With that said, the Hemi Cuda is equally as impressive. When Plymouth debuted the 426, it was so powerful that NASCAR banned it from competing. That should tell you everything, meaning that it can also hold its own. So, yes, this is a battle for the ages.

True to its name, the cars are participating in the FAST series, which stands for Factory Appearing Stock Tire. However, both are putting down some not-so-factory numbers while retaining their ’60s and ’70s glory. The COPO Camaro is running a 427 V8 ZL1, rated at 430 horsepower and 450-pound-feet of torque. Although the exact numbers weren’t shared, we can go ahead and assume it’s putting out a little more than that. The engine is mated to a three-speed automatic transmission, weighing close to 3,300 pounds.

1969 Camaro COPO | YouTube: Cars and Zebras

And in the opposing corner, coming in at a stout 3,720 pounds and producing 425 horsepower and 490-pound-feet of torque is the Hemi Cuda with its sinister Hemi 426 V8. The Cuda also has a three-speed automatic transmission. Although it spent a little more time in the weight room, the cars are pretty evenly matched. Again, don’t let the stock appearance fool you.

Although these races occur much less than they used to, it’s nice to see them pull a Mike Tyson and come out of retirement to show off the greatness of Detroit Muscle. Make sure to watch the video below and look for yourself. Which car are you putting your money on?

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