Bar Leaves Notes On The Cars Of Customers Who Choose Not To Drink And Drive

Drunk driving is a concern across the board, but especially for bar and restaurant owners. Especially during the nice weather and summer holiday season, the number of accidents caused by drunk and impaired drivers has been shown to increase. So some drinking establishments have even started rewarding patrons for not driving after they’ve had a few.

The Union Bar in Gering, Nebraska is one example. It’s common practice for establishments to not allow cars in their parking lots overnight however, The Union Bar takes a different approach.

Patron Janelle Martin posted on her Facebook page saying that she and her husband were pleasantly surprised when they discovered a note left on his windshield after he decided to leave his truck at The Union overnight. See the post below:

Martin opted to call his wife for a ride home instead of getting behind the wheel. When he came back for his car the next day, he found that his wise choice had earned him a nice note from the owners, Scott and Carla Swanson, along with a free burger and fries.

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