Avoid Flat Tappet Cam Failure with the Right Lifters

Flat tappet camshaft failure is an issue. If you want to avoid that catastrophe, use oil with plenty of zinc (ZDDP) and a set of COMP Cams High Energy DLC Flat Tappet Lifters. They have a diamond-like carbon surface treatment (DLC) that produces an extremely hard, tough, and slick face that greatly reduces friction. That extends the life of both the lifters and camshaft while significantly reducing the likelihood of flattened cam lobes.

A Better Carburetor for Off-Roading

What makes Edelbrock’s AVS2 Series carburetors ideal for your off-roader? Well, Edelbrock’s Annular Flow Booster technology more evenly distributes fuel into the airflow stream to eliminate flat spots and greatly improve low- to midrange power. The AVS2 also features a spring-loaded needle and seat along with a spring-loaded anti-syphon ball in the accelerator pump circuit for superior fuel control when you’re driving over rough terrain. Try one and see.

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Cleaning Lifters & Rockers Without a Complete Disassembly

“I’m going through my small block that’s running a hydraulic roller cam and lifters. The lifters I have seem to work just fine but I’m thinking that I should clean them somehow. What would be a good way to clean these lifters without the hassle of taking them all apart? Plus, I also want to clean the new roller rocker arms I just bought but I really don’t want to use dirty solvent to clean out that grease they are packed with.

B. L.

This is a good question. I’ve been told by companies that make hydraulic roller lifters that they are the best filters in the entire engine—which means they do a great job of trapping debris that circulates through the engine. What can happen is that the dirt or other crud can get trapped beside the small ball bearing in the bottom of the lifter and hold it open. Continue reading lifter & rocker tech on Summit Racing.