Add Some Thump to Your Small Block Ford

Add Some Thump to Your Small Block Ford

FLOTEK’s 185cc Thumper Cylinder Heads for small block Ford pack a lot of performance in an affordable package. The aluminum heads have an intake runner design with a raised floor and roof configuration. This gives the incoming air and fuel a more direct shot at the intake valve, and also keeps the air/fuel charge attached to the runner’s short-side radius. That means more torque over a wider RPM range without sacrificing high RPM horsepower.

Don’t Skimp on Your Electric Fan

Electric fans aren’t glamorous, but without one pulling air through your radiator and removing heat from the coolant, you’ll be at the side of the road or track with an engine spewing steam. So don’t skimp on your electric fan—get a good one like a Flex-A-Lite Flex-Wave fan. It has fan blades with a leading edge profile that cuts through the air to start air movement around the blades. That allows the Flex-Wave fan to move up to 25% more air than a comparable fan.

Fan Club: How to Choose an Electric Fan in 4 Easy Steps

A couple weeks back, we asked the question: Mechanical vs. Electric Fans: Which is Best for Your Vehicle? If you’ve determined that an electric fan is the best choice for your ride, you’re certainly not alone.

Electric fans have become the preferred choice for many enthusiasts because they have lots of advantages over mechanical fans, including:

  • Good cooling with no parasitic horsepower loss
  • Consistent cooling—they maintain their airflow at all times
  • Versatility—they can be mounted in front of or behind the radiator
  • Multiple sizes and configurations—they can be found in diameters up to 20 inches and are available with single- and dual-fan setups

The next logical question is: “Which electric fan is right for my vehicle?”

With help from our friends in the Summit Racing tech department, we’ve identified four keys to choosing the right electric fan for your application. Continue reading fan tech.