Actual Testing Scheduled For The Bloodhound

What is thought to be the world’s fastest car hasn’t been moving too much lately. But that’s about to change come October. The Bloodhound supersonic land speed car is scheduled for a first time test run.

The testing will take place at Cornwall Airport in England with RAF Wing Commander Andy Green behind the wheel, according to AutoBlog. This run is happening 20 years after Green drove the Thrust SSC to the current record of 763 mph, which he’s hoping to break in the Bloodhound. Initial static testing of brakes, suspension, and the EJ200 jet engine borrowed from a fighter jet will be taken with the car tied down. Then they’ll let it loose at 200mph. If that goes well it’s headed to South Africa in 2018 to hopefully take home the record. It’s been pushed back since the announcement in 2008, so do you think it’ll happen this year?

Starting at 9am this Sunday, the Engine Power guys add over 250 horsepower to the Rislone Mustang. Plus a new sound out of the exhaust, and a gearbox to handle it all.

Then this 1963 Chevy C10 is Katie’s featured ride on PowerNation. She’ll be joined by one of the builders on the project, Nick Roberts from Nichols Paint & Fab. The owners gave the team a truck in decent shape and after a yearlong build this is what they did. Everything has been handmade from the inner fenders to the unique front end that held four headlights and now has just two with Harley Day Markers. It’s got a 5.3 liter making about 400 horsepower. Plus Marc drops by to talk about the Power Stop Ultimate Mustang he and Tommy are creating with drift champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr. And this is a pony car you can enter to win on our website. It’s a full block so make sure you join us.