A Quick Guide to Diagnosing 10 Common Steering Issues

Sloppy steering giving you fits?

Before you curse your steering system, you need to pinpoint the actual cause of problem. Poor steering may actually be the result of suspension system issues, worn tires, or other non-steering system inadequacies.

Then again, maybe it is your steering system. Bottom line is, you need to track down the root cause of the problem before you begin to fix poor steering performance. We’ve covered oversteer and understeer as separate issues, but we’ve included 10 other common steering problems and their likely causes below. By identifying possible trouble spots, you can stop cursing, and start curing, your steering woes. Continue reading steering tech from Summit Racing.

Everything You Need to Install Gauges in Your Muscle Car or Truck

With kits for 50 different vehicle body styles and over 700 options, chances are really good there is an AutoMeter Direct-Fit Dash Kit or Instrument Cluster for your classic Ford, GM, or Mopar. Each kit includes AutoMeter gauges, dash panel, wiring harness, and senders needed for installation. That saves you time and money versus buying everything separately. You even get a choice of 14 gauge styles.

Make Room for Headers and Improve Drivability with a Steering Shaft Swap

1979-93 GM vehicles including G-Bodies, F-Bodies, and S-Series trucks have a stock steering shaft with a large rag joint that wreaks havoc on exhaust clearance. A Borgeson Performance Steering Shaft eliminates the bulky rag joint for more header clearance, providing a zero-play connection from the steering wheel to the steering box. A smooth, enclosed telescoping shaft with a vibration-reducing U-joint at the steering box connection improves road feel and comfort while driving.