A Homemade Version Of Gymkhana

Ken Block’s Gymkhana series is pretty well known and has a lot of time and resources devoted to it to make sure it turns out just right. Streets are shut down, special cars are brought in…the whole nine yards. But Tyler Witte took on the challenge and did his own homemade version in a stripped rally car on the property of someone he knows.

Granted, according to Jalopnik, Tyler is on the stunt team for the Fate of the Furious so he’s not your everyday driver. But he started out building a rally car from a Subaru Impreza in his backyard and went from there. The GC8-generation Impreza 2.5 RS is what’s in the video and after the 8-month build he took it out and got to shooting. And it’s not too far from the real Gymkhana.