A 2018 Toyota Camry Rear-Ended By Semi-Truck On Display At Dealership

Most of the time when you get behind the wheel, you find yourself questioning someone else’s driving ability. We’ve all been cut off, and we all have looked in the rear view mirror wondering if the person behind us was going to stop in time. We are all human, and most of us have seen some gnarly accidents while on the road. You may find yourself thinking in these moments – how safe is my car?

This Toyota dealership put one of their 2018 Camry cars on display, and it wasn’t one of those immaculate cars that would normally grace the showroom floor. This is a brand new Camry that had been squashed between two tractor-trailer trucks. According to The Drive, one of the dealership employees, Ramon Suarez, was driving the new Camry to the airport to pick up a customer. While driving on I-10 in Phoenix during rush hour, a semi-truck hit the rear of the car at speed and sandwiched him into the back of another tractor-trailer. Ramon walked away without a scratch, and the Camry could have suffered way wore. The cabin is still intact, and all four doors still open.

The Toyota plant in Kentucky reached out to see if they could have Ramon and the car over for a proper celebration. If wanting to keep the car, they’ll have to figure it out with insurance. The car is likely totaled, but the dealership said they’d buy it back if the salvage price is reasonable.

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