Pickup Plunges 70 Feet Off Snowy Overpass

It’s a miracle the driver of this pickup is alive after plummeting 70 feet to the ground.

The driver was traveling on I-94 in West Allis, Wisconsin when he lost control on the snowy, icy roads. The pickup hit a snowbank on the shoulder which defeated the purpose of the barrier wall on the ramp. The truck was then launched off the snowbank over the edge of the overpass ramp and fell to the ground a staggering 70 feet below.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation had a camera at the interchange and caught the entire accident on video. Milwaukee County Sheriff deputies were first on the scene and found the pickup sitting upright with the driver conscious and breathing. Two motorists who stopped to help were administering first aid before the driver was taken to a local hospital.

While road crews operating plows try their best to prevent the buildup of snow on overpasses and bridges, it’s a daunting task. Milwaukee County’s Director of Highways and Maintenance Eddie Santiago said, “The biggest risk with that is the melting and the freezing creates sort of a ramp, a natural ramp.”

That is exactly what happened in this case. So although crews are out there working hard to keep roads clear, driving slow and being cautious is your best bet in inclement weather.

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