Airbag Pants Could Keep Motorcyclists Safer

Keeping motorcyclists safe is an ever-evolving process. Riding gear is continually being improved and upgraded to ensure riders are as safe as possible since they are about 28 times more likely than a vehicle passenger to die in a crash. So Airbag Inside Sweden AB has designed a prototype of a pair of jeans that could make riding more safe.

While they look pretty much like a regular pair of jeans, they’re actually lined with airbags that will be triggered if the motorcyclist falls off the bike. The jeans are secured to the bike, similar to the safety clip on a treadmill. When the cord is pulled or triggered, the pants inflate.

The company hopes to reduce lower-body impact for riders. The jeans can be deflated, refilled with gas, reassembled, and reused so riders don’t have to stock up on multiple pairs. The jeans are made of from Aramid fibers, which is a strong material.

As of now, Airbag Inside Sweden AB has raised $180,000 to develop the idea and is currently in the process of having the jeans certified by undergoing a series of crash tests. If the jeans are approved, there could be a new and exciting product on the market for motorcycle safety.

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