This Guy Doesn’t Realize His Boat He’s Towing Is On Fire

It’s understandable for SOME things to go unnoticed when you’re driving down the road such as a flat tire or something else that could sometimes easily be missed by a few people. However it seems inconceivable to imagine that someone could drive down the road with their entire boat engulfed in flames and they never know it. With the amount of times an average driver looks in their rearview mirror while driving, it’s shocking that the truck in this video doesn’t notice his boat is up in flames.

It’s not known why or how the fire in this video started but one thing is for certain, the driver definitely doesn’t know what’s happening behind him, otherwise he would stop right? This isn’t a small fire either, it’s an absolutely MASSIVE fireball! Hopefully the driver of the truck quickly saw this fire shortly after the video but it’s not known. What a dangerous situation for the driver of the truck and the drivers on the road also.

What do you think is going on here? Do you think the driver of the truck knew he had a fire and was trying to get somewhere or do you think he just somehow didn’t see it?

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