U.S. Army Tests The World's Quietest Military Vehicle

The U.S. Army tested the off road capability of the extremely quiet Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, which is one of the newest vehicles in the fleet. The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell and has an approximate range of 200 miles.

GM and the U.S. Army have teamed up to release a truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center helped the automaker develop the concept they’re calling the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2.

It’s a monster of a truck that stands 6 ½ feet tall on 37” tires and a stretched Chevy Colorado chassis. It has a modified suspension in order to handle the terrain they plan on taking it to for field-testing. The field tests will verify if the hydrogen power is useable on the battlefield.

For remote areas the ZH2 has an “Exportable Power Take-Off” unit that will provide electricity. The benefits of using fuel cell over gas is that it’s near silent when in use. and also produces water as its emission, which can be used in the field. Do you have any great viral automotive content that you think should be featured on PowerNationTV? Crashes, cool cars, or awesome races? Send it to us in a message, we want to see it!

We covered the ZH2 on PND when it was first announced, get the details on the truck below:

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