TUG OF WAR: Chevy 3500 vs Ford F-350!

There's lots of great tug-of-war videos out there and some of them are a little unfair but most of them are pretty entertaining. Tug of war matches are always entertaining because there's so much ego involved with who's truck is the baddest and strongest, which usually cause a ton of debate and controversy regardless of who wins the match. Usually when there's a tug of war match, there are plenty of people who claim that it's not fair because the engines are so drastically different and if it's a Chevy vs Ford, like this video, it almost ALWAYS ends up in the old "Ford vs Chevy" argument.

Regardless, it's usually all in good fun and sometimes tug of war matches aren't meant to be taken all that serious. The particular tug of war match in this video looks to be about equal at times but it's clear that the Chevy is out-powering the Ford by swinging the truck around in circles with crazy clouds of smoke going everywhere! It was a pretty cool matchup nonetheless but we're sure this is going to cause quite a bit of debate in the comments! So, what do you think about this video? Any opinions?