This Diesel Truck Puts A Mustang Driver In His Place

So you pull up to a red light in your modded Ford Mustang and you’re feeling pretty good about it. You start thinking that you have some good straight line speed. If you think about it, you’re in one of the most legendary pony cars of all time! Straight line speed is what a Mustang does best. Even with the new gen's ability to corner.

And when you see a big ole' diesel truck pull up alongside you and give you “the nod” and a few revs...that mean it’s totally on. As a Mustang driver you rev up and get ready to roll when, confident that you have this in the bag. But then…

You get absolutely destroyed. By a truck. In a straight line race. Ouch. You now have to go back home with the embarrassment of not running away with the win. However, we guess this proves an interesting point though: torque is nothing to be messed with and the truck has it in spades, unfortunately for the Mustang driver.

Now we know eventually, the Mustang would have caught the truck and passed him in the long run, mainly due to drag. But off the line, you can't argue that there’s just no substitute for good old fashioned torque.

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