There Were Some Awesome Vehicles In This Year's SEMA Parade!

Katie and Gannon catch up with Marc Christ from Detroit Muscle who's on the scene of the Sema Cruise...or the best parade a gearhead could ask for!

Marc catches up with Time Warp Customs builders and their awesome Dodge truck that mixes a 1969 D200 Power Wagon on a new Ram 3500 Chassis. Talk about cool and classic all in one.

Next up is a Jeep JK that has every aftermarket part you could imagine.

Rick Dore from Rick Dore Customs has a stunning car he calls Shangri La. It's got a compltely aluminum body and 100% hand fabricated. Aside from the rear-view mirror, wheels, and tires everything else on the car was handmade.

Marc finds a Porsche. But not just any regular old Porsche. It's an RWB Porsche that's been modded from the inside out.

Tim Spencer from Goolsby Customs stops by in his '69 Mustang that they built for SEMA last year and got invited back this year after winning the Mothers Shine Award.

The SEMA Cruise is something you definitely don't want to miss, but if you couldn't make it out. There's some of the highlights for you!