Near Death Freeway Crash Caught On Dash Cam


Another example why everyone needs to pay attention on the roads and move over when there are emergency responders helping motorists in need. We posted a video the other day about a tow truck driver that almost lost his life because of drivers not moving over and giving people on the shoulder some room. This time a police officer and tow truck driver were in the same situation.

Thanks to a dash cam video, the crash that happened on Jan. 17 on the ramp from I-96 to M-39 in Detroit. This driver lost control when his car slid on a patch of ice and hit a tow truck which sent if flying over and landing on top. The police reported that the driver was going to fast for conditions, however, the driver denies speed was an issue. And although the crash in itself is bad, the tow truck driver and police officer that were standing just next to the truck that got hit and almost got crushed from the car is what's more concerning. When will people learn to slow down in less than ideal driving conditions?