Movie-Like Road Rage Caught On Camera

The driver (or passenger) in this car was able to get the incident on tape when a hatchback decided to go rogue. According to CNN, a fellow motorist called in and talked to the news outlet and described that they witnessed a driver of the hatchback vehicle repeatedly slam into a pickup truck. The witness says after the hatchback driver was cutoff they proceeded to go around the pickup and to everyone’s surprise start slamming their car into the pickup. The people in the pickup were able to record the whole incident to give to Honolulu police, who are still investigating the situation. And to top it all off, this bizarre scenario took place in a freeway tunnel which amps up the danger factor.

You can’t make stories like this up. Nobody appreciates being cut off but that is a serious case of road rage that could have ended with people being seriously injured. Luckily no injuries have been reported. Have you seen some serious cases of road rage? Anything similar or more outrageous than this one? We want to see them!