Minivans And Crossovers Painfully Try An Off Road Test

Watching Jeeps and trucks take on off-road tests is fun. They tear up whatever terrain they’re on and it’s impressive seeing which one beats out all the others. Watching minivans and crossover vehicles though is another story. It’s not two things you would normally put together: minivans and off-roading. YouTube channel, Car Question, takes minivans and crossovers over with a diagonal test, which sends the vehicle up a ramp at an angle. And these vehicles clearly weren’t meant for this. Not sure why you would ever load the kids up and head to an off-road park but if you ever decide that’s how you’re gonna spend a Sunday afternoon, here’s probably how it’ll go.

Who would’ve thought the Toyota Sienna minivan and Mini Cooper weren’t off-road monsters? Even crossovers like the Mazda CX-5 aren’t that great once you get them off the pavement. Are you surprised? Did they hold up better than you expected? Let us know your thoughts, experiences, or comments.