Jeep Owners Decide To Take Action On A Doubleparked Mercedes


We've all seen doubleparked cars in parking lots. Why do people do this? Why are they so inconsiderate? It literally takes just a few seconds to park correctly. Even if you're in a hurry, there's really no excuse for doubleparking..ever.

In this video, you see a Mercedes SUV that doubleparked in front of a BestBuy. Why he did this? Who knows. But anyways, you then see two Jeeps park DIRECTLY beside the Mercedes, super close to it. Obviously they wanted to teach the Mercedes owner a lesson by making it impossible for him to get into his car. You then see the guy behind the camera hide behind a bush and you see the Mercedes owner make his way back to his car.

The Mercedes owner is obviously not happy at all that the Jeep's parked right next to his car and realizes soon there's no way he can get into his car. He gets mad and kicks the tires of the Jeep's and then decides he needs to actually go through his trunk to get inside his car so he can leave. He then leaves, probably pretty unhappy about the whole ordeal. What do you think about this? Do you think it's real or does it seem staged?