Dodge Is Using The Demon’s AC Unit To Cool That Hemi Down

In this week’s video released by Dodge with updates on the new Demon, things cool off. More air means more power and the cooler the air the better. So Dodge is having the A/C unit help the Demon’s supercharged hemi to make more power.

The video is called “No Ice” and shows how the automaker plans to use the air conditioning system to cool off while in Drag Mode. It’s going to be the first production application of a liquid-to-air chiller system. The car’s AC is literally cooling down the air that goes into the engine by up to 45 degrees, according to Autoblog.

Although Ford had something similar back in the early 2000s called the SuperCooler, it never made it to production. Dodge says the system will achieve temperatures that were never thought to be attainable by street legal production cars. Are you happy to finally see this put into production?