Chevrolet Suspension System in 1938 - Explained In Full Detail

Old videos like this are always really cool, especially when you notice the level of detail that goes into each and every explanation. Suspension has a long history, as people have always been trying to make transportation more comfortable to ride.

Horse-drawn vehicles had a suspension system called "the strap suspension" system. This was a very early form of suspension that was used on ox-drawn carts. It involved having the platform swing on iron chains that were attached to the wheeled frame of the carriage. The iron chains were eventually replaced by leather straps by the 17th century. The "strap suspension" system was in use until the 19th century.

Obviously suspension has come a long way with the invention of the automobile. Even in the early days of suspension, as you can tell from this video, things were a bit different back then.

It was in 1901 when Mors of Paris first fitted an automobile with shock absorbers. A few years later in 1906, coil springs were first seen on a production vehicle called the Brush Runabout, which was made by the Brush Motor Company. Brush Motor Company was a Michigan based car company that operated between 1907–1913. Today, coil springs are still an automobile suspension standard.

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