Car Attempts Driving Through Flood – Immediately Regrets It

A lot of us have driven though lightly flooded streets before, sometimes heavily flooded (which is never a good idea by the way.) Water can always be deceiving in how deep it actually is, which can cause you get to get stuck, wreck, sink, and/or have significant engine damage.

The driver of this car is just cruising along like any other day, which looks to be after a recent rain. He then comes up on a heavily flooded part of the road, with a few other cars in front of him attempting to drive through it. He then yells “CHARGE!” which is pretty funny, as he just goes for it, plowing his car through the water. Immediately he says “bad choice bad choice!!” when he realizes how deep the water actually is.

Soon it becomes obvious his engine had become flooded with heavy water and decided to just quit working on him. This is definitely an epic fail and this guy probably had to pay a lot of money to get his engine fixed..if that’s possible at all. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure he won’t be doing that again anytime soon! What do you think about this fail?