Engine Power Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Spark Plug Wires, Extreme 9000 Ceramic, Spiral Core, 8mm, Black, 90 Degree Boots, Universal, V8, Set
Chevrolet Performance
ZZ572, Engine Assembly, Crate Engine, Chevy, 572, 620 hp, 720R heads, USED
Main Bearings, H Series, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Chevy, 396, 402, 427, 454, Set of 5
Piston Ring Set
Rod Bearing, H Series, Coated, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Chevy, 348, 366, 396, 402, 409, 427, 454, Each
Comp Cams
Rocker Arms, Shaft Mount, Full Roller, Aluminum, 1.7 Ratio, Chevy, Big Block, Kit
Crane Cams
Custom grind Camshaft, BB Chevy, SLD. Roller
Crane Cams
Engine Valve Spring Retainer Keeper
Crane Cams
Lifters, Ultra Pro, Mechanical Roller, Vertical Link Bar, Chevy, 396-454, Set of 16
Crane Cams
Valve Keeper, 16
Crane Cams
Valve Springs, Dual, 1.625 in. O.D., 564 lbs./in. Rate, 1.210 in. Coil Bind Height, Set of 16
Federal-Mogul Corporation
FEL-PRO, Oil Pan Gasket, 1-Piece, Rubber/Steel Core, Chevy, Big Block, Each
Goodson Shop Supplies
High Performance Valve Spring Compressor, Pneumatic
Goodson Shop Supplies
Select Flex-Hone Diameter: 4.625" (117.5mm)
Carburetor, 4 Barrel, Holley Gen 3 Ultra Dominator, Gasoline - Dual Inlet, 1,150 CFM, Tumble Polished, Each
Hooker Headers
Headers, Super Competition, Full-Length, Steel, Painted, Chevy, Pontiac, 396, 402, 427, 454, Pair
Jesel Inc.
Jesel 2-Piece Upper Pulley Belt Drive System, Chev Big Block
Mr. Gasket
Crankcase Evacuation System, Steel, Gold Iridited, Universal, Kit
MSD Ignition
Crank Trigger, Flying Magnet, Chevy, Big Block, 8" balancer, Kit
Quick Fuel Technology Inc.
Carburetor, Black Diamond Q-Series, 750 cfm, Mechanical Secondary, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Drag Race, Each
The Industrial Depot
Fasteners, Hardware, and Shop Supplies
Intake Manifold, Hi-Ram, Tunnel Ram, Aluminum, Natural, Dual Square Bore, Chevy, Big Block, Rectangle Port