The Kobalt 400 In Vegas Ended Up With Flying Fists


Last week there was mention of NASCAR taming down, but Joey Logano and Kyle Busch showed that there is still some rubbin’ in racing. After the Kobalt 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway last weekend, Busch climbed out of his car, headed straight for Logano and started throwing punches. Meanwhile, Martin Truex Jr. was celebrating his victory with burnouts just down the track.

The brawl didn’t last long as Logano’s crew team quickly removed Busch, according to Fox NASCAR. While Logano came out with no scratches, Busch wasn’t so lucky and ended up with a bloody forehead…Probably from being at the bottom of Logano’s crew team pileup. However, he was treated and released from the care center.

On the final lap, Busch crowded Logano to avoid a wreck with Brad Keselowski but when Logano lost control of his car, it made contact with Busch’s car, which sent him spinning onto a pit road. Logano says he and Busch usually race well together and nothing was intentional and hopes they can move on from it. But Busch seems to think otherwise, so we’ll see how the two race together in the future.