The Best Way To Tell Slow Drivers To Move Over


You can ask pretty much any driver and we're willing to bet in their top 10, if not top 3, of things that highly annoy and/or agitate them, it’s drivers who travel in the left lane and go slow. The left lane is designed for passing and instead of passing and going back to the right lane where they're supposed to be well, the sit in the lefthand lane and sometimes block traffic which then cuases a headache for the rest of us just trying to get home in the heart of rush hour.

There's been a variety of techniques people have used but this time, there's a driver of a Jeep Wrangler who has finally come to a point where he’s fed up with it. So instead of sitting back and taking it like the other drivers around him, he’s decided to get out there and do something about it. Something drastic, but funny. His solution is not only effective but gives other drivers a good chuckle in the meantime.

Some people choose to ride the back bumper of the slow driver, aggressively honk their horn, flash their brights, or simply zoom around them emphatically as if they're proving a point. But this guy got right to the point and put together a billboard. He then decided to pull in front of the person who was slowly putting along in the left lane so that they could see all his hard effort at work.

Have you had a situation with the common "slow left lane driver"? And if you've just had enough of it, what did you do about it? Let us know!