Semi Truck Runs Red Light And Disaster Strikes!


In such a distracted modern society we live in, it's no wonder that so many crashes occur from people running red lights. Stuff like this is the reason why autonomous cars might not be such a bad idea afterall. Unfortunately accidents do happen and people don't always pay attention when the light is red, so that's why while driving through an intersection you should always exercise extreme caution because lots of people can't drive out there!

In this wild video, a traffic camera is positioned at an intersection somewhere. As a couple of cars are passing through the intersection, it becomes clear pretty fast that the semi coming the other direction is not stopping anytime soon. The semi literally then PLOWS INTO both cars going full speed! What's even more shocking is that the semi doesn't seem to be slowing down after the crash. It's unknown if the brakes failed or something else happened but whatever the case may be, this was a pretty intense crash. What do you think about this accident? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what you think went wrong to cause this semi truck to run the red light? Let us know in the comments!