Rally Driver Sticks Impressive 2-Wheel Landing


Rally car drivers can handle a lot of terrains and are awesome drivers overall. But being able to stick a landing on two wheels and keep going while maintaining your speed is a new level of badass.

Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville was at Colin’s Crest in Sweden where every year, the organizers compete to see who can jump the farthest over one particularly fast jump. Believe it or not, this jump didn’t win the Award, but we think it's worth acknowledging anyways.

He was a little off on his timing for the jump and it almost sent him straight into the massive snow berm on the side of the course. It almost makes you want to cringe but you can't stop watching because you know he's either about to save it and be awesome or crash big time (which would still be awesome for us who are watching).

But Neuville kept it together and made one of the greatest saves of the event. The winner of this year's award was Citroën driver Mads Østberg. He rightfully deserves it after a 42-meter jump.

In case watching Neuville's jump alone wasn't enough here is some more footage of the event from this year. Hats off to these guys and an awesome event!