An Unrecoverable Supra Found In The Mountains


The Toyota Supra was discontinued in 2002 and for enthusiasts and collectors everywhere, even the new generation that’s in the works will never replace the originals. And probably much to many gearheads dismay, an A70 was abandoned and left for dead in the mountains of Japan, according to Motor1. Australian drifter and blogger, Alexi decided to move to Japan to pursue a drifting career when he was talking to people in the community, he heard of a totaled 3rd-gen Supra “somewhere in the mountains”. So being the car guy that he is, he did what any of us would do and went out and to find the car. He managed to locate it (by some miracle if we're being honest) at the bottom of a steep hillside buried under leaves and dirt.

With the back windshield busted and the driver door open, obviously, the car was in pretty rough condition. However, the roll cage was still in place which means the car probably saw some racing in it’s prime and may have been what ended it at the bottom of the hill. Who knows what happened to this Supra, but whoever left it there to rot is probably regretting their decision now…