Junk to Gold!

Monday June 16th, 2014 / 3:41 PM

Strap in this week on PowerNation for a true American success story! Courtney’s guest is the founder of Copart Willis Johnson, who just wrote a book called Junk To Gold. It details the story of how he turned a five acre California junkyard into a $4.5 billion dollar global company and he did it at first, one part at a time. Now Copart sells a car online every 3 seconds! They sell about 8 thousand a day all over the world! His book is filled with life lessons and great stories about how he is living the American dream through hard work and a lot of determination. Willis knows cars! And he shares his incredible 150 vehicle car collection with us as we get to visit his 47,000 sq. ft. barn. Plus Willis brings his gorgeous 1959 Impala to Courtney’s studio. As an individual buyer, you can get involved with Copart too, just go to Copart.com and check out the rules for buying cars online, as the rules vary in each state. His book is available at Amazon. Check out this one man’s incredible story on PowerNation this week!