Factory Five!

Tuesday May 13th, 2014 / 11:26 AM

This week on PowerNation Courtney’s studio is filled with four Factory Five Racing cars. President Dave Smith is her guest as we get you ready for an all woman build of a Factory Five Mark-4 Cobra 427 replica in Detroit Muscle. Five women from the automotive aftermarket will build this iconic replica from a kit and pay it off in one episode! As Dave says, many have been built but none by an all female team. What twists will they bring to the build? In today’s market Factory Five customers are not sticking to pure tradition but adding their own touches like different engines, suspensions, colors and wheels and tires. Check out the the four with Courtney: a 427 Cobra replica, a ’65 Daytona Coupe, a ’33 Hot Rod and their latest, a two seater 818 for the global export market that wants to use Subaru running gear. It’s an amazing array of cars this week on PowerNation. For more go to FactoryFive.com