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Cadillac Donuts and Chevelle Keeps it Cool

The Detroit Muscle guys take their souped-up Cadillac CTS-V for a spin, then build an air conditioning system from the ground up for their barn find Chevelle.




Permatex Countermans Choice Battery Protector, 4g, Single Use

Finch Performance Shifter Handles, Knobs, Shifter Rings and Boots

Spark Plug, E3, Tapered Seat, 14mm Thread, .690 in. Reach, Projected Tip, Resistor, Each

Heat Protection, Acoustic Insulation, Boom Mat, 12 1/2 in. x 24 in., Self-Adhesive, Set of 20

Pinion Support Brace, Black Hammertone powdercoated, Cadillac, Each

Clutch, Dual Friction, 1.125 in. - 26-spline, Disc, 305mm Diameter, Pressure Plate, Cadillac, Chevy, Kit

Air Intake, Black Tube, Red Filter, Cadillac, V8, Kit

Catalytic Converters, Connects to Center Resonator, for KOK Headers, Cadillac, 5.7L, 6.0L, Pair
Headers, Full Length, Stainless Steel, Natural, 1.875 in. Tube, 3.00 in. Collector, Chevy, Small Block, Pair

Exhaust System, Cat-Back, Stainless Steel, Tru-X, Polished Stainless Tips, Cadillac, CTS, 5.7L, Kit

Spark Plug Wires, Super Conductor, Spiral, 8.5mm, Black, Multi-Angle Boots, Chevy, LS1/LS2/LS4/LS6/LS7, Set
Spark Plug Wires, Super Conductor, Spiral, 8.5mm, Black, Multi-Angle Boots, Chevy, LS1/LS2/LS4/LS6/LS7, Set

TWO POST LIFTS - For 2-post automotive lifts, Dannmar is the benchmark for professional shop owners, and home enthusiasts. We've engineered our lifts to exceed the competition when it comes to safety, strength, build quality, as well as having the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

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Battery, Dry Cell, Deep Cycle/Starting, 78 Group, 12 V, 850 CCA, Side Post, Each

EBC 3GD Series Sport rotors are dimpled and slotted and precision-machined using premium-quality castings. EBC-GD7372

VHT's Nite Shades coating is a transparent black taillight lens coating designed for creating a custom look. VHT-SP99
Dupli-Color Custom Wrap is specifically formulated for automotive customization projects. You can change the look and color of your entire vehicle, add a racing stripe, customize your wheels--or even protect areas from the elements--in a few simple steps. SHW-CWRC794

Motor and spindle are combined into a single, pre-balanced assembly that always stays calibrated to zero. A unique balancing algorithm and unbalance correction methodology that minimizes both static and couple unbalance. The weight location recognition system offers touch-free operation for 85% of wheel balances. The rugged, industrial grade touchscreen system is built to last and can be used while wearing gloves. New tire systems are becoming tougher to change. Today, tire service is more chal

OER reproduction GTA wheel center cap set with metal clip and emblems. This set of 4 satin black caps comes with 4 domed self adhesive hard plastic emblems to provide an authentic appearance when installing our factory style GTA Alloywheels on any 1982-87 Buick. Also included, for your convenience, are 20 lug nuts, designed with outer threads to accept the 20 plastic screw on lug nut covers that are also included in the kit.

Airopower is an incredible versatile tool; capable of 5.25 tons push and pull it has many applications that are further enhanced with the various accessory kits. Some customers have referred to it as a mobile frame machine; there are just so many pulls and pushes you can make with it. Many pulls that require using a frame machine or foor system can be accomplished on the floor or two post hoist in a fraction of the time.

These Edelbrock universal EFI sump fuel systems are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with an existing low-pressure carbureted fuel system. EDL-36031

This first-of-its-kind product features a built-in LED light located directly above the spray nozzle, enabling users to see where they spray and improving accuracy in low-light areas. Combined with an innovative product formulation that delivers the power of a penetrating oil able to cut through the toughest rust, grease and corrosion with a long-lasting lubricant that reduces friction and wear, this new LIQUID WRENCH product is a truly versatile tool for all trades.

The official welding supplier of Detroit Muscle


Barn Find Chevelle Payoff
2018 | Episode 03
Marc and Tommy finish up the barn find Chevelle build and take it to a famous road in the Smoky Mountains and find a movie car museum along the way.

Hard Charger Floor and How to Pinstripe
2018 | Episode 02
The Detroit Muscle Crew cuts a rusty old floor out of a '69 Dodge Charger and replace it, then one of Big Daddy Ed Roth's artists puts on a pin-striping class.

Cadillac Donuts and Chevelle Keeps it Cool
2018 | Episode 01
The Detroit Muscle guys take their souped-up Cadillac CTS-V for a spin, then build an air conditioning system from the ground up for their barn find Chevelle.

The Highwayman: Marquis to the Max
Season 3, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/10/2016

The Detroit Muscle guys slam over a 1,000 horsepower into a huge mid-70’s Mercury with a sadistic streak.

The Highwayman: Part II
Season 3, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/24/2016

The Mercury build continues with ignition, exhaust upgrade and fuel system to handle a 1000 horsepower.

The Highwayman: Monster Mercury
Season 3, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 5/29/2016

Adding an indestructible 9-inch and air suspension to our sleeper 1,080-horse ’72 Marquis Brougham

Iroc and So Can You!
Season 3, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/10/2016

Detroit Muscle Undertakes a mission to squeeze everything that they can out of a tired Iroc Z, while staying on a strict budget.

Low Buck Iroc Interior
Season 3, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/17/2016

The guys squeeze their budget and also do some free fixes to freshen up the budget Iroc’s interior, plus a road-trip test drive of the 2016 Camaro.

IROC Paint Overhaul and Payoff
Season 3, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/21/2016

Learn a low-buck way to rescue faded, nasty paint. Also, the budget IROC goes for a drive.

Project Banana Split - Deadly Doors
Season 2, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 2/22/2015

Old school sheet metal tricks to convert classic '49 Ford into a custom with suicide doors.

Punch Job
Season 2, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/11/2015

How to convert from manual door handles to electric door poppers and punch custom hood louvers in a vintage Ford.

Custom Headlights & Tail Lamps
Season 2, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/25/2015

Hands on tech on how to graft in '55 Olds lamps, convert to 12v blue dot taillights and french-in license plate

Banana Split: Turn & Stop
Season 2, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/12/2015

Guys convert ancient king pins and drums to spindles and discs to lower and slow down our flathead Ford

Banana Split: Skirts & Paint
Season 2, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/19/2015

Team fabs custom fiberglass bubble skirts and lays down a two-tone paint job on our old school '49 Ford custom

Flatheads Rule
Season 2, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/17/2015

Team transplants hopped up 3-duce flathead into old school custom plus how-to covert from 6 to 12 volt electrics

Skirts, Spinners & Wide Whites
Season 2, Episode 16  —  Original Airdate 7/19/2015

49 custom gets bubble skirts, fresh chrome, Sombrero caps and whitewalls, plus acid-porting cast iron manifolds.

Hot Rod How-to: Interiors
Season 2, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 8/2/2015

Secrets on fabricating a custom interior and how muscle car sheet metal panels are made and tested

Pain in the Glass
Season 2, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 9/13/2015

It's tips on how to custom fabricate and fire-cut auto glass, plus tricks on how-to rebuild a manual window assembly.

Resto-Mod Interior
Season 2, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/20/2015

How to upgrade a Mopar interior with performance seats, a custom dash insert, plus secrets on salvaging electrical switches.

Fire In The Hole
Season 2, Episode 21  —  Original Airdate 9/27/2015

We fire up Banana Split and install old school exhaust flame throwers plus how to get your college degree in racing.

Project Ultra Violet: '70 Challenger
Season 1, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/28/2014

It's the start of a brand new project. Detroit Muscle goes on the hunt for their next big build, Project Ultra Violet...a 1970 Challenger. This Mopar is in serious need of a sand blaster! Also they'll go for a spin in one of the most famous Mopars of all time.

Project Ultra Violet: Roof Skin
Season 1, Episode 21  —  Original Airdate 10/5/2014

Team salvages rotted out '70 Challenger with how-to weld in a new metal roof, drip rails and A-pillars.

Project Ultra Violet: Framed
Season 1, Episode 22  —  Original Airdate 10/12/2014

Chassis guru Jeff Schwartz brings in his G-Machine chassis to convert uni-body Challenger to a full frame.

Project Ultra Violet: Body Beautiful
Season 1, Episode 23  —  Original Airdate 10/19/2014

Final Mopar sheet metal tech - how to weld in a new trunk pan and fabricate a front cowl panel from scratch.

Crazy Hemi
Season 2, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/18/2015

Team grafts world's first low deck, all aluminum Hemi and T56 six speed gearbox into '70 Challenger resto-mod.

Rub-a-dub Mini Tub
Season 2, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/15/2015

Step-by-step tech on how-to mini tub a muscle car rear end to create clearance for massive tires

Project: Ultra Violet
Season 2, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 5/10/2015

Celebrity builder Chris Ryan shows how-to lay down metallic paint and graphics on our very purple Challenger

Challenger Challenges
Season 2, Episode 14  —  Original Airdate 7/5/2015

Resto-mod tech: how to refurbish an expensive grill, insulate a uni-body plus tips on reassembling brightwork.

Mopar Makeovers
Season 2, Episode 17  —  Original Airdate 7/26/2015

Team fabs high flow EFI fuel system, serpentine belt drive and dual fan cooling system for '70 Hemi Challenger

Resto-Mod Interior
Season 2, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/20/2015

How to upgrade a Mopar interior with performance seats, a custom dash insert, plus secrets on salvaging electrical switches.

Ultraviolet Payoff
Season 3, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/24/2016

Project Ultraviolet, the 1970 Challenger Pro Touring ride takes it’s maiden voyage

Sucker Punch Finale & 461 Oldsmobile Motor Build
Season 16, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 8/11/2012

This time the finale of Project Sucker Punch, HorsePower's Buick Century station wagon being built as the ultimate sleeper machine. A 461 turbocharged Pontiac engine goes in along with race-ready transmission and the works, before a payoff on the street.

Is THIS your Father's Oldsmobile?
Season 7, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/29/2011

Tommy and Rick start a new project, hoping to build it with inspiration from the classic Hurst Edition Oldsmobiles. Also, Year One's Braselton Bash, and the guys do a little paint-mixing wizardry.

Pro Street Dodge Suspension
Season 7, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 4/21/2012

Rick and Tom get a hankerin' for some suspension work. They unbolt, chop, cut, measure, and install a whole new front and rear suspension set-up for the Dodge Dart, including some Pro help with a back-half kit from one of the leaders in the field. Tommy also hand-fabs a steel Spoiler for the Oldsmobile.

Oldsmobile Rear Bumper Fab and Floor Pans
Season 7, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 6/16/2012

Tommy shows step-by-step how to do custom metal mods on the Hurst Tribute Oldsmobile's rear bumper, and the guys do engine and tranny mock-up, where they find that some floor modifications have to be made.

Oldsmobile Restomod Returns
Season 8, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/12/2013

Tommy and Mank set to work on the Olds Cutlass Hurst Tribute Restomod by making room for an oversized set of custom wheels and tires. Flashback takes a look at a rare Mopar that was built to take the strip by storm, and Mank shows a $20 fix that can be a serious upgrade for your brakes.

Hurst Olds: Panel Gap Perfection
Season 1, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 8/3/2014

Long term Hurst Olds project returns for sheet metal tech: how-to create perfect hood, fender and door gaps.

Hurst Olds: Aluminum Air Box
Season 1, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 8/10/2014

How to fabricate a custom functional aluminum forced-air intake system to feed our LSX 454.

Olds Tank Mods & Glass Etching
Season 8, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2013

The Oldsmobile Restomod Project's fuel tank requires some modification for a serious fuel pump, and the guys show you how to do it. Tommy does some rust repair on a door that is in need of rescue, then Mank and Tommy do some glass etching, with 3 different ways to personalize the glass on your ride.

Custom Firewall and Muscle Car Museum
Season 8, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/26/2013

The guys work on getting a completely custom firewall installed on the 1969 Oldsmobile Hurst Tribute Restomod, with help from car builder Brad Starks. Also, Tommy and Mank take a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains to visit one of the nation's Premiere Muscle Car Museums, where they make some rare finds.

427 Cobra Replica: All Girls Build
Season 1, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/18/2014

Top auto industry females build a replica of the legendary 427 Cobra with a Factory Five Racing Mark lV Roadster kit.

Trans Am Transformation
Season 1, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/5/2014

The guys team up with Butler Performance to build a bulletproof 474 cubic inch pump gas Pontiac stroker.

Trans Am Part 2
Season 1, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/12/2014

The guys team up with Butler Performance to build a bulletproof 574 cubic inch pump gas Pontiac stroker.

Trans Am Part 3 Movie Car Magic
Season 1, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2014

Team upgrades F-body Poncho suspension/brakes and torque converter.

Stout Differential
Season 1, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/26/2014

Team builds a stronger rear end, adds an EFI system and converts from rear drums to discs.

Tough As Nails Trans Am
Season 1, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 2/9/2014

The team reworks their Pontiac's rear suspension, orders a custom driveshaft and fabricates a set of homemade frame connectors.

Bandit Body Building
Season 1, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/13/2014

How-to restore cracked fiberglass body panels, customize fender scoops and remove decals without paint damage.

Beautiful Black Bird
Season 1, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/20/2014

Guest builder Chris Ryan coats our Tribute Trans Am with ebony paint, then the guys apply the massive gold bird decal.

Interior Creature Comforts
Season 1, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 4/27/2014

How-to soundproof and refurbish a worn-out interior. Plus the guys show how to make a shaker hood.

Firebird Finale
Season 1, Episode 11  —  Original Airdate 5/4/2014

Big inch Pontiac TA gets tuned on the chassis dyno and how to dial in your alignment without going to a shop.

Detroit Muscle Schedule

Four Eyed Faceoff Part 1
2018 | Episode 04
The Detroit Muscle guys each choose an iconic 80's era car to build for a shootout later in the season. One gets a rendering made, the other goes to a chassis shop.
Saturday 2/24
9:30 AM ET
Hard Charger Metalwork and Sign Painting
2018 | Episode 05
The team digs more rust out of their '69 Dodge Charger, this time near the rear window, where they discover a problem along the way. Then sign painting lessons from one of Ed Roth's original artists.
Sunday 2/25
10:30 AM ET/PT
Hard Charger Floor and How to Pinstripe
2018 | Episode 02
The Detroit Muscle Crew cuts a rusty old floor out of a '69 Dodge Charger and replace it, then one of Big Daddy Ed Roth's artists puts on a pin-striping class.
Saturday 3/3
1:30 AM ET