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The Ford Escape Gets Wiper De-Icer's

Trump VS. Ford....Round 2!

Trump Vs. Ford, Escape Gets Wiper De-Icer's, Electric Corvette, Mustang Rumors, And A Nasty Drag Strip Crash!

We Have One Mean '55 F100 This Week!

See How Ken Block Steps It Up For Gymkhana 8!

This Twin-Turbo Ford GT Is Shooting To Hit 300 MPH...Will He Make It?

Flying Cars Are Close, Domino's New Delivery Cars, Insane Corvette Collection, Self-Emptying Trash Cans, And A Ford GT Aiming For 300MPH!

You'll Never Believe What This Rare Shelby Auction Has In Stock!

Rare Shelby Auction, Engine or Coffee, Road Fatalities On The Rise, Self Parking Chairs, and Top 5 Fast Fails

This Pickup Has Some Serious Power